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Welcome to Northern Ireland Insurance Centre. We have placed well known insurers that quote online for Northern Ireland in our insurance directory for your convenience. This website offers you access to online comparison systems that could help you search for quotes for Northern Ireland car insurance, home insurance, van, taxi, motorcycle, travel and pet insurance as well as life and health cover.

As we only list insurers who provide quick online quotations for N Ireland residents you can instantly compare quotes. We suggest you get a quotation from all the insurers listed to see if you could find a cheap deal.

Simply click on the type of insurance you require and then on the insurers of interest to open a quotation page. All quotes obtained are without obligation.

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optionCheaper Car Insurance for Northern Ireland
We provide links to some of the top insurance companies who quote online for Northern Ireland drivers of all ages. One way to try and reduce your renewal premium is to shop around and we help make that convenient and easy. So why not get a quote now.
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optionStudent Insurance
Student Car Insurance Northern Ireland, cheap online quotes. We feature companies who provide competitive insurance quotes tailored specifically for students, from student car insurance to overseas study insurance and medical insurance for overseas students studying in the UK.
optionHome Insurance Northern Ireland
Look for cheap home insurance in Northern Ireland by comparing online. Buildings and or contents cover as well as tenant contents insurance for those who rent. Why not compare home quotes now and see how much you could save!
optionTravel Insurance
Competitive travel insurance quotes for single trip, multi trip and annual policies covering one country, multi country or the entire world. Skiing and diving holidays can also be quoted for as well as Adventure Holidays and Extreme Sports policies.
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Life Insurance Northern Ireland, cheap online quotes. We provide access to some of the top insurers and comparison sites who provide competitive quotes online for both individuals and families. All occupations considered. Critical illness cover, income protection and mortgage protection are also available.
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Compare Northern Ireland van insurance quotes from over 10 companies in less than 4 minutes! Only one short application form to fill in. Comparing van insurance policies has never been easier!
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Fill out one short application form and compare taxi insurance from a selection of Northern Ireland brokers.
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Motorcycle Insurance Northern Ireland, we also provide access to online motorbike insurance comparison sites. Compare and save! We also provide access to online bicycle insurance comparison sites.
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Recreational insurance quotes. Static and touring caravan insurance - Motorhome insurance - Boat insurance for cruisers, yachts, dinghies, jet ski, rib, narrowboats etc.
optionRoadside Recovery Breakdown Insurance
Compare competitive insurance quotes for breakdown insurance and roadside recovery.
optionCommercial | Business | Retailers | Landlords Insurance
Northern Ireland Insurance Centre has a range of insurance agents, brokers and companies who provide competitive insurance quotes for all types of public property, business premises, from small shops to a large shop, retail outlets, churches, schools, offices, let buildings, factories, work places, hotel insurance, restaurant insurance, employers liability insurance and public liability insurance.
optionHealth Insurance Northern Ireland
Competitive insurance quotes for private health insurance policies for individuals and families. Get fast online quotes from well known names like HSA and Virgin Money.
optionPet Insurance Northern Ireland
Get competitive pet insurance quotes and beat the expensive vet bills. Find cheap quotes for cats, dogs and rabbits.
optionGolf | Musical Instrument | Photography | Wedding Insurance
Online quotes and instant cover for golf insurance, photographic equipment insurance, musical instrument insurance, wedding insurance in Northern Ireland.
optionAccident Sickness Unemployment (ASU) Insurance
We have chosen to refer you to a website owned and operated by British Insurance Limited who are specialists in accident, sickness and unemployment insurance.

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Printing and paying for shipping labels at home without having to go to the post office at all!


1If you'd like to send a package, but dread the post office printing shipping labels from home using the postal service website is an awesome way to save time. is a great website to get to know about the working hours of the UK businesses. First wrap and tape the package you are going to be shipping. Weight the package on your scale and write down the weight. It is important to have your package already weighed and taped before weighing to ensure an accurate weight for shipment. Then go to  You then click on "print shipping labels" at the top of the screen. It will ask you to select which country you will be shipping from. Do this, and then you will be asked to "sign in." Creating a log in is super easy .... follow the steps to set up an account and password. When you are done with that you will be prompted to enter the shipping from and shipping to addresses and emails. You are then prompted to enter the weight, size, and shipping date. These are fairly simple options. When you have completed those three categories click on "continue." You will be taken to the page that shows you all of your shipping options for what type of packaging and the time frame you'd like this item mailed in. Select the one you would like and if you would like insurance, delivery confirmation, or signature confirmation ... or not ... then click "continue." Enter your payment information. It is a good idea to save your credit card info for later use to save time paying for future labels.  You are now at the step where the label is printed. After your label is printed it will ask you if it printed successfully. You then take it out of the printer ... cut it out ... and place it on your package. You then place the package out near your mailbox and the mailman will pick it up when he comes to deliver your mail... much like he does with letters you leave in the mailbox to be picked up. Its as simple as that ... and all you had to do was click a few times and a type a few things. Enjoy all the free time you'll be saving NOT being at the post office!


Online Background Checks


Online best background checker best background checker have become a useful tool for employers when making hiring decisions. They are most commonly used to verify the identities and information presented by potential employees on their applications. However, background checks can be used for current employees as well. Employers may use the checks on employees for reasons such as evaluations, promotions, or reassignments. Background checks can be accessed at any time, as long as they are used for employment purposes.

Benefits of Online Background Checks

Many different background screening services are available to check on present or potential employees. Each service may provide different rates and options for employers. Many employers have turned to online screening services because they are typically faster and more convenient. Depending on the screening options that employers choose, some online services can provide them with instant results. Identity checks and criminal checks are usually the quickest reports to obtain since their information is taken from public records.

Online background checks can be very helpful for employers when they want to find trustworthy employees. If applicants have presented any false or misleading information on their applications, this will be revealed with background checks. Employers must notify applicants in writing prior to screening their backgrounds. For the background screening process to be legal, applicants must also submit written consent before background checks can be performed. It is important for employers to abide by federal and state laws when using background reports for hiring.

Abiding by the Fair Credit Reporting Act

The Fair Credit Reporting Act, or FCRA, sets the standards for background screening. It is sometimes mistaken for the credit reporting law. However, the FCRA covers much more than credit information. This act covers information about an applicant's character, general reputation, mode of living, and personal characteristics in addition to credit worthiness. The main purpose of the FCRA is to make sure that background reports relating to employment are accurate.

The FCRA does not require that all employers conduct background searches. Employers can decide whether or not background checks are necessary for their hiring situations. The FCRA simply sets the rules when background checks are conducted. It also does not make any distinctions between small and large companies. No matter how many employees a business decides to screen, the rules will remain the same with the FCRA. 

Accessing Identity Checks

Identity checks will verify basic information that is found on applications. Identity checks can reveal information such as names, addresses, home phone numbers, and birth dates. Some identity checks will reveal average home prices, average incomes, and social security numbers as well. Identity checks will not show e-mail addresses, non-published phone numbers, cellular phone numbers, or information about other businesses because these items are not accessible in public records.

Criminal checks are now required by many companies prior to hiring new employees. They are especially important in professions that involve interaction with children, elderly, or disabled individuals. Education and trucking companies are good examples of professions that require criminal checks for all applicants. Some companies may not require criminal checks, but they can be used as a general precaution during the hiring process. Criminal checks will reveal any felonies, misdemeanors, sex offenses, or county offenses that are listed on the records of applicants.

Background checks provide much more extensive information than identity checks or criminal checks. Since they provide more detailed information, they can be more expensive and may take longer to process. By using online background checks, employers can save some time in the process. Employers can learn a great deal about the personal lives of their applicants from background screening. They may learn details about legal judgments, bankruptcies, tax liens, address histories, credit histories, licenses, driving records, criminal records, and previous employment when they use online background checks.

How to Obtain Background Information About Any Doctor or Physician


To get some very basic information to start your research on any physician, no matter what state they reside in, the best background check services background check services is the American Medical Association Physician Select Site. The American Board of Medical Specialties will inform you of the criteria that has to be met to gain board certification, and whether the doctor you are researching is board certified. And possibly the most easiest search you can do is to just type the doctors name into Google, you never know what information a search engine might turn up, so it's definitely worth a try.

One site ?I stumbled upon when I was researching a physician's background is, which rates physicians and healthcare facilities across the U.S. Go first to medical licensing board for your particular state. Search for the doctor, using his or her name or location.

Take whatever basic information that you already have and do an online search in a popular search engine such as Google or Yahoo, I personally recommend trying both, as one may have different/more information than the other. When you enter the doctor's name in Google, it's important to try and limit the search query to the particular doctor that you are looking for, instead of just people with that same name. This is done by placing quotation marks before and after the full name, including the Dr. title, so it should be entered like this for example, "Dr. John Doe".Add the words news or blog, or even the word malpractice, you might be surprised what may turn up, play around with adding words, but as a general rule of thumb, keep the query short and simple.

One thing to keep in mind is that there nay be a chance that the physician you are researching may have practiced in another state at one point, and this search engine method may turn up that information very quickly, but be sure that it is in fact the same doctor, there is always a chance that there is another "Dr. John Doe" somewhere out there, with quite the opposite reputation than the "John Doe you may be researching. At any rate, keep good notes, and the missing pieces will soon come together forming a better picture for you, lessening whatever confusion there may have been at first.

Some other ways to research a particular physician's background, is to check with your healthcare plan provider. Not only is it your right as a prospective patient, paying for a very important service, you are able to inquire about the the education, licensing and certifications of doctors in its network at any point. After I found out that this background information is available to anyone with an insurance plan, I wondered how many people, like me, had no idea, or just never gave it that much thought. This information is always available to you, and I strongly suggest taking advantage of that right. On a more minimal comparison, imagine taking your really expensive, one of a kind car, to just any old shop in the phone book, I personally wouldn't. Besides, we are taking about the health and well-being of you and your family, all of which can't be replaced, unlike an automobile.

On a final note, keep in mind that different states have different laws and procedures regarding the disclosure of background information about doctors. Some are more than forthcoming, some are not, especially when it comes to finding out about malpractice suits and things of that nature. I would suggest looking into your particular state's laws, just to be better informed as to those laws, if not for anything else. This will ultimately decide your plan of action for you, so it is definitely an important step in your research.

I hope that this guide proved helpful to you. I wrote this as a way for people to find out more about the people that they entrust their lives to. Being a physician is a very important profession, and all to often we hear of them picking up and just moving to a different part of the country to start up again and other situations that proved these physicians to have outdated licenses, malpractice claims stacking up,etc. But it works for the opposite side to. Upon researching your doctor, and you find that he or she has had an upstanding career, with up to date licensing, and an impeccable reputation. Then, it's my guess , that you will feel more confident and more willing to trust this individual with your life, and the lives of your family members as well, and that piece of mind means everything.

How to Get Free Reverse Cell Phone Lookups


Privacy is a very important issue in today's society when there are look up a phone number look up a phone number services. It has given us technologies such as caller ID, masking technologies, and even inspiring technologies such as reverse cell phone lookup directories. Whatever the case becomes, at some point in time every consumer wants to know who's behind a certain cell phone number- and whatever other details they can dig up before giving them a call back.

Cell phones will all commonly sport a caller ID feature, but finding out a name or location to the number is going to be impossible without first knowing the number. In that case, it becomes viable for a consumer to search the Internet for clues. In doing so, they will find that doing a reverse cell phone lookup can indeed get them exactly what they are looking for.

There are plenty of resources that offer free ways to go about obtaining some information, but there are plenty of flaws in each one. The first way is to search for the number in websites that collect cell phone numbers as part of an online directory to help those who were called by a certain number to put a name to the number. These websites often have small amounts of listings, however, as their listings commonly come from consumers themselves- and no one wants to unleash their number out on the Internet.

Other cell phone lookup services will claim to be free, only they will trick consumers into downloading spyware or other malicious programs such as adware. This benefits the website since they can display advertisements and track one's movement on the Internet if this happens successfully. Therefore, it's best not to dabble with websites that demand users download anything.

Next we have the reverse cell phone lookup website that claims to be free, but then charges for any further information once the search is conducted. This is another way to draw in traffic for directories that just want to make a profit from the information they are requesting. In cases such as this, it's best to either attempt to find more free resources or end up paying the fee if it is indeed inexpensive enough.

Lastly, there are online directories of home phone numbers that can be of assistance. Not every number that may call one's cell phone is going to be another cell phone, and therefore, it will probably be listed in an online directory of regular phone numbers. These directories are almost always free, so this is a very easy option to opt for.

Final Thoughts

Finding the information behind a number is important before calling numbers you may not know. This can prevent any extortion, harm, or harassment that can come from unknown cell phone numbers. Although there are some free places to do this online, it will be a long search and many times the only resource is to pay a small fee in the end. But before it comes to this, be sure to check local online listings in phone numbers that may have what you're looking for.

The Differences and Similarities of Car Insurance and Health Insurance


Health and car insurance surely have different definitions and Active ingredients. But have you ever wondered what ways are they similar to each other? Firstly, the fact that they are types of insurance would mean that owners and policyholders can get a lot of benefits compared to non-policyholders.

When speaking about protecting themselves from financial losses, it means they have to pay either monthly, quarterly, semi-annually and annually to maximize the benefits their policies have set for them to claim.  

The similarities of Car Insurance and Health Insurance

Car insurance or automobile insurance is quite similar to health insurance in an essential manner. They are both kinds of insurance policies that grant policyholders immunity against unexpected financial losses. Health and automobile policies also allow holders to cover some higher costs that would otherwise be costly for them to pay out-of-pocket and usually devastates them financially and emotionally.

  • You’re both covered in case of a disaster or any unexpected catastrophe.
  • You are required to pay for a regular coverage premium even if you don’t think you would use it someday.
  • There is an expected deductible that you must meet other than that of the regular premium you are paying. Deductibles are actually the amount of money you pay before your policy starts working.
  • There is a similar language, and if you can understand what deductibles are for another insurance type, it typically applies to every kind of health coverage.

The Differences

One of the key differences between car insurance and health insurance include:

  • Health insurance helps to cater for routine screenings and check-ups while car insurance does not cater for routine expenses like oil change and diagnostics.

Benefits of choosing health over car insurance

Health insurance specifically and generally gives wider benefit coverage than that of car insurance. Car insurance does not cover usual expenses such as oil changing, diagnostics, buying new tires and fluids. On the other hand, health insurance can accommodate routine check-ups, outpatient services, and medical screenings. Thus, it is definitely more beneficial than car insurance.

Some health insurances even provide coverage for Teeth & Gum Health. Dental care is specifically important because it is also a part of everyone’s health care routine. Some people even find their teeth & gum health care maintenance more expensive than their usual checkups and screenings. 

According to the Affordable Health Care Act, the policies that are granted through a marketplace should cover the top most essential benefits for the policyholder’s health, which focus on disease prevention instead of disease treatment.

It means it has to include medical assessments that will give the policyholder constant update about their health conditions. It will also give them more knowledge and awareness on what course of action to apply sooner. Before it gets too late, insurance policies should then provide the holders with the benefits of disease prevention services to be able to fairly optimize their payments.


While car insurance and health insurance are both beneficial, one cannot deny that health insurance is of utmost importance. When a child has a high fever, the parent’s first choice is to admit him to the nearest hospital to avail the most immediate medical care.

Like most people, you would most probably optimize your health insurance policy than wanting to get the car repaired immediately after an accident.

Using Bitcoin To Purchase Car Insurance


Bitcoin mania and Bitpm are getting into many people across the world. Investors have been taken by the storm of this method that utilizes digital payment. The price of one coin has rapidly increased from below $ 1,000 to more than $ 15,000. This virtual currency has attracted more focus hence the need to know how wide it can be applied in commerce. The following is a discussion of where Bitcoin is acceptable in terms of buying car insurance. 

Bitcoin Payment Is Not Offered By Main Auto Insurers

With Geico, you might have the potential of saving 15% on your vehicle insurance but be unable to pay a policy with Bitcoin. Currently, there is lacking a main insurer in the U.S that is offering a digital currency for policy purchase. Despite the existence of Bitcoin for more than 8 years, it has not been adopted by many people. This has made it a major problem to adopt this type of virtual currency.

Not only that most people are unaware of Bitcoin but also they lack an idea of how they are bought. As a result, many businesses have been left in a mystery because Withdrawing / Spending Bitcoin is a nightmare. The baseline is that major insurers are not investing in Bitcoin payment because the demand will not be met. 

There is a possibility that Esurance, which deals with major insurance could have increased publicity in regard to Bitcoin payment. Previous adopters of virtual currency are very potential customers who will be brought on board. Geico, who is a direct insurer has the potential of offering this payment method. This is because most of the businesses are done online. 

Using Bitcoin for Insurance Payment in Southern California

Despite the lack of automobile carriers that offer Bitcoin, there is an insurance agency that does so in Southern California. Simi Valley agency offers bitcoin payment to its insurance clients. This option is only available for auto policies. You should follow the following procedure when purchasing an auto policy with bitcoin at Simi Valley.

  • Ensure you have a phone quotation
  • Make the payment via email or at the Simi Valley office
  • After verification of the payment, you must appear in the office for signing all involved paperwork. You will also collect your insurance cards. 

It is approximated that in the next 5 years, paying for car insurance with bitcoin will be very effective. It will be just like using a credit card. Many people will have known how Bitcoin payment works and they will feel safe to use it. There is also a possibility that in the next 10 years or so, credit cards will have been replaced by digital currency. 


Digital currency is slowly getting adopted in the market and finally, it will become very common. Currently, Withdrawing / Spending Bitcoin is not common to many people. While some people lack information on how Bitcoin operates, others feel unsafe to use it. However, in the near future, many people will have woken up from this slumber due to increased Bitcoin awareness. In the long run, using Bitcoin to purchase car insurance will be as easy as falling off a log.  

10 Tips Selling Auto Insurance From Home


People who are good at entrepreneurship can begin their auto insurance sale businesses from their own homes. You can find more information here. They just need a phone, a computer, a good and likable personality, and many loyal friends who can help nurture the business. With the best training and required certifications, the insurance sale business can begin by even selling on Amazon.

Below are ten tips to help people selling auto insurance from home gain success:

Acquire an Insurance License

The insurance license requirement in each state may vary. Some requirements may require one to submit their background checks, choose which insurance is best suited to a person, take an educational course on insurance, and pass the tests. After completion, the insurance license is given out.

Create a home office

A workstation is created at home, and it may consist of a chair and desk, a computer or laptop, a phone, a landline, a headset, and a stable and robust internet connection. These items are all necessary after a careful inspection of one's family and pets. When everything is available, insurance sale is easy.


Being organized is vital in doing business from home. Messy desks and unattended paperwork can bring a lot of unnecessary interruptions, especially when handling phone calls. All items that would assist in making a workplace organized should always be readily available to avoid inconveniences.


To begin insurance sales from scratch is no easy feat as there are many challenges. On the internet, there are a lot of negative comments from people to insurance sellers. One should prepare themselves for rejection from people and companies mostly when selling on Amazon since professionalism is required in the site.

Obtain important leads

Getting the best and right leads when selling auto insurance is very important. Some offers may be very tempting, so a lot of research should be done before investing in something that will be profitable in the end.

Have interesting pitches

A good pitch is good when attracting customers to the auto insurance business. An exciting pitch should be practiced in front of a mirror for one to be confident before calls are made. A thin line between using aggressive tactics and personal information should be drawn.

Listen and be inquisitive.

When one is In the process of starting the business, they should listen more to their predecessors and ask questions. This process will assist in helping one know how to boost incomes and the traps to avoid when starting a business from home.

Be prepared for objections.

Many people hesitate in making decisive decisions when selling insurance to their customers. A person should be prepared to handle questions brought about by customers concerning insurance matters and be able to give out solutions while at the same time being neutral.

Analyze everything about insurance

After completing business over the phone at home with customers, one should take time and analyze the good, bad, and downright ugly of the business. This process helps in ensuring that one identifies mistakes and rectifies them before initiating the next step in business.

Follow up

One should aspire to follow up on customers once in a while, especially after a profitable insurance business is conducted. A long business relationship may be formed due to acute details and personal involvement in the business.

Final Words

With the 10 tips mentioned above, it is not impossible to achieve success for your auto insurance business at home.

When You Have To Sell Your Life Insurance


If you no longer have money left to pay for the premium insurance policy you've invested in for a long time, leaving or surrendering it may have been one of your options. If you have the question like what is a life settlement? then you are at the right place.

You may have grown weary of paying for premiums; however, you will no longer receive the benefits you should get for your monthly, quarterly, or yearly payments. In some instances, you may only receive a little amount of cashback.

The National Association of Insurance Commissioners believes that an individual can receive more cash by selling the policy instead of giving it up. Though that may seem to be an easy notion, life settlement insurance also has its pitfalls.

There can be tax implications, and the government may also reduce your benefits. Moreover, your beneficiaries will not get a payout on your demise.

So, here are some things you must understand before you decide.


You are eligible to sell a life insurance policy when you reach 65, and if you have a whole life or universal insurance policy interlinked with more than $100,000 death benefit. Also, you can sell a term insurance policy that is convertible to a permanent one.

The amount of money you receive from selling a policy may depend on many factors, such as the monthly premium's size, the cash value, the loans, and your health and age. In other words, the payout will be larger with a shorter life expectancy.

Moreover, you can opt to go for the viatical settlement if you are terminally ill.

The Disadvantages

You will receive more money from a life settlement sale, which is more than the policy's cash value. However, it will not be greater than the death benefit.

Also, the cash you get may be less if you ask for assistance from a broker. Note that a broker can charge for a maximum of 30% from the sale.

Moreover, life settlement transactions are taxed, while regular death insurance benefits are free from tax. Additionally, you may no longer be eligible for Medicaid because of the sale. Therefore, it is highly suggestible that you talk to a professional to analyze your case.

When It is Practical

If you're broke or need money to pay for medical bills, unexpected care costs, or other urgent expenses, the amount of money you can get from a sale can offer you great financial relief. Note that you can resolve a life settlement sale within a week.

Additionally, the investor who purchases your insurance policy becomes wholly responsible for the account, which allows you to utilize the money for other reasons.

Nevertheless, before you sell the policy, also seek for alternatives. One alternative is to sell a part of the policy's coverage, which will allow your beneficiaries to receive a payout on your death. Also, you may pull out a loan from the policy.

Lastly, you can also ask the insurer if you are entitled to get a death benefit in advance. In that case, you will get some portion of your insurance money while you are alive.

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