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Student Car Insurance Northern Ireland, cheap online quotes. We feature companies who provide competitive insurance quotes tailored specifically for students, from student car insurance to overseas study insurance and medical insurance for overseas students studying in the UK.
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Competitive insurance quotes for private health insurance policies for individuals and families. Get fast online quotes from well known names like HSA and Virgin Money.
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Northern Ireland Insurance Center Blog

What You Need to Know about Love Insurance


Have you experienced cold treatment from your partner? Does she get angry easily? Have you been disagreeing a lot lately? Maybe you have not been that affectionate anymore. As per this source it’s possible that one or both of you have been keeping secrets already. There is less communication and more silent treatment and neither one of you doesn’t want to hang out anymore. These are signs that your relationship could be falling apart. Do you think more cuddling, kissing, and sex could be the solution? Maybe this will work out. How about you get insurance for your relationship? Yes, you heard it right. Insurance works. It might sound crazy, but in China, you can purchase a love insurance policy. Since it’s the month of love, why don’t you consider getting one for your partner? If you consider getting one, these are what you need to know about love insurance:

Students get a discount

The biggest market for love insurance are youngsters, and many of these customers are students. Maintaining a relationship while studying is challenging. One does not invest time and emotion only, but money also. Good news for students, they get discounted rates if they purchase a policy. Paying for insurance can be as affordable as having dinner in a fine restaurant. It could be a good gift idea this Valentine’s day.

It’s an incentive to hold on to ‘forever’

The policy can be profitable to insurance companies because according to statistics, 98% of Chinese couples break up within three years and marriage rates have been falling deep lately, which reflect a global pattern. These companies are betting big against lasting relationships. If you really love your partner and want to hold on to her for the rest of your life, love insurance could be a good thing.

You can give your partner 10,000 roses on your anniversary

Aside from cash, some companies also offer gifts like 10,000 roses and a heart-shaped diamond. It’s like having a discount on your anniversary gift. You and your partner can now literally lie in a bed of roses.

Some experts have a different opinion about it

According to People’s Daily, the communist party’s mouthpiece, love insurance is more of gambling than an insurance policy. They have a point because as long as you get married between three to thirteen years from the purchase of the policy, you win.

The bottom-line is that whether you are in it for the long haul or not, love insurance sure gives you an incentive to hold on to your relationship forever. To some, love should not be incentivized. But, what can we do? Dating is fast nowadays. People are easily finding love online. Relationships are becoming more and more temporary. And, the younger generation is slowly steering clear from marriage. Some might think that love insurance is just a craze, that sooner or later, we will not be seeing it anymore. But, in the meantime, it can be considered a good investment.

The timing, purpose and things to expect during an insurance inspection


When one insures a building, the insurance company usually sends an inspector to inspect it. The building and its owner are verified by a Been Verified Review: Is It The Best Background Check Service? (2019) double check service. The inspection process is conducted by hired contractors or safety engineers. The main reason why insurance companies conduct the inspection is to identify hazards or conditions which are likely to increase the risk factors.

Inspection is essential for insurance companies since the company acts as a risk partner, and losses can also affect the principal business operations of the building.

Timing of the Inspection

Insurance inspections are usually scheduled within 30 days after acquiring a new policy. Inspectors must make sure that they inspect the interior part of a building. The insurance company works closely with the owner of the building in arranging the inspection date. However, the insurance company can choose to appear unannounced.

Inspectors are thought to take their job seriously. If the owner of the building is not cooperative, like by delaying the date of inspection each time, he might be thought to be non-compliant. This will make him insure the property at an expensive rate. Inspecting a building can take about 30 minutes or hours. This depends on the nature and size of the structure. Inspecting a commercial property takes a long process than inspecting a residential building. However, the owner or his representative should be at the site during the day of inspection.

Reasons why inspection is important

Rebuild cost

The main reason why a building needs to be inspected is to ensure that it is adequately insured. This way, the insurance company can insure the building an amount equal to the cost of rebuilding another building just in case of an event of total loss.

Identify hazards

Hazards are conditions that can easily lead to a loss. The most common conditions that are identified during the inspection include lifted linoleum and a deck with no handrails.

What do inspectors inspect?

Inspectors usually inspect all rooms including mechanicals and the basement. They also take pictures of the building to help in analyzing the story with an underwriter. Inspectors usually inspect the building to see whether the information provided by the owner is accurate. For example, if dogs are present in the residential property, there must be written rules for tenants. Dogs are thought to account for about 30 percent personal liability claim payments. 

How to avoid surprises

The owner of the building needs to disclose everything about the building to the insurance agent or broker even if he is planning to make an aesthetic improvement into the building. This is because underwriters can quickly get off policy if some conditions of the building were not presented during the initial pricing.


An insurance inspection could be beneficial especially if some credits and discounts were identified by the inspector which the customer did not know of.

What happens after inspection?

After a thorough inspection, a report is usually written to the insurance company. The company also helps in confirming and reviewing the coverage amount, and it also outlines concerns.

Overall, insurance inspection is a process every insurance applicant may go through. Just be equipped with the right knowledge and tips, and you’ll be good to go.

Are Web Hosting Companies Covered by Insurance?


As a web hosting provider, you are faced with a number of risks that could potentially ruin your company. It is, therefore, wise to look for insurance policies that are tailored towards your needs and will cover your day-to-day risks.

That said, here are the types of insurance that you may need and their costs.

General Liability Insurance

The general liability insurance is crucial for businesses as it can protect you from liability if a client visits your office or web studio and is injured on your business. This also addresses property damage lawsuit like when you damage something at the client’s office. It will protect your company if a client suffers financial loss due to harm caused by your product.

General liability insurance will also provide coverage for your web hosting company against libel, slander, and copyright infringement.

Errors & Commission Insurance

Professional liability insurance is of paramount importance to all service professionals and businesses that give advice to other businesses. It covers lawsuits in the event that you omit critical information or make mistakes that cause your client to suffer financial loss.

While this insurance addresses different issues like late delivery, for web hosting companies, it is more important to ensure that it includes cyber liability insurance. This insurance will cover your legal expenses in the event that the client sues you for data loss or breach cleanup costs. It also comes in handy when your web hosting company is shut down due to a DDoS attack.

Business Owner Policy (Bop)

A business owner insurance policy includes both the general liability and property insurance. It is a cost-effective way for small businesses to protect their business assets. The general liability covers third-party lawsuits such as physical injuries, damaged property, and copyright infringement. Property insurance, on the other hand, insures your physical property against damage or loss.

Commercial Auto Insurance

Let’s say you drive or travel in an automobile to a client’s office for business reasons. While on the way, you get into an accident with an uninsured driver. If you do not have the proper insurance coverage, your company will be liable for the cost of the accident, including medical and car repair costs.

Your web hosting company, therefore, needs commercial auto insurance to protect the company’s or personal vehicles and their drivers. This insurance also provides coverage against auto accidents for vehicles that you rent for business-specific purposes.

Workers Compensation

If your web hosting company has employees, it is mandated that you acquire a worker’s compensation insurance. Workers compensation caters to the medical costs, lost wages, and rehabilitation expenses of your employees if they are injured on the job. It also takes care of their expenses if they become ill because of certain conditions on the job.

Fidelity Bond

This insurance policy covers your web hosting company from liability when your employee steals from the client. For instance, if a bank hires your company for web hosting services and one of your employees gains access to the bank’s web and steals some money, the fidelity bond will compensate the bank for the stolen money. This way, you can restore your relationship with the bank.

This policy is particularly important if you have clients in the financial service industry, such as banks and investment firms.

Motivation Tips For Insurance Agents: Read Inspiring Quotes


Without a doubt, people are fond of reading inspirational quotes for them to get through a rough day or a difficult situation. They see these quotes as their motivation to keep moving forward and never give up.

Insurance agents are no less different from other professionals. They have to maintain their composure – even during tough times – to execute their job perfectly as tasked. Apart from monetary reasons, this job requires passion, motivation, and hard work in order to maintain or even improve sales.

That being said, it is needed for these agents to read some true-to-life inspiring quotes for them to be enlightened in their job and in life as a whole. Here are some of the positive effects these inspiring quotes carry:

You Become More Enthusiastic

Normally, working eventually leads you to a lethargic state due to the routineness of it. At times, you may even feel stressed out because of your colleagues or poor sales. However, with the existence of inspiring quotes, now within reach through computers and mobile phones, you start to realize your sense of purpose as to why you are working. As a result, you feel the enthusiasm as you enter your office after welcoming such a positive vibe.

It Is Easier To Concentrate

Frankly speaking, feeling uninspired can really pull down your overall performance. You deviate yourself in the middle of your work, which can be a bad thing since it pushes you to start procrastinating. As a result, a lot of delays occur and you become even more stressed because of the huge pile of work.

Taking positive energy with the encouragement of words can do a lot of great help. You get to feel determined in making more sales of your insurance offers.

You Inspire Other People

Giving off positive energy can be contagious, especially when you practice a positive mantra. Instead of your colleagues hating you, they will start approaching you and will eventually feel relaxed and optimistic with their workloads.

In addition to that, your workplace will become a happy place for everyone, which is a good sign that you and your team will be able to produce more sales than usual. Dealing with work and colleagues becomes easier to handle and transactions become smoother than ever.

You Become Even More Productive

Productivity is key in keeping a business running, and selling insurances is no exemption to that. If you live by a mantra that exudes positivity and read quotes that hit you right into your very core, then you can expect your performance to become better than usual. Exerting effort is important in order to maintain a stress-free work since you want to ensure that everything is according to plan.

As an insurance agent, it is highly important for you to be passionate about your job and radiate positive vibes at all times since you are facing potential customers every day. Reading encouraging quotes can really be of great help for everyone since it serves as a form of support to keep going.

Freelance and Essay Writers: Do you Need to Get an Insurance?


Being a freelance and essay writer is not an easy task. You need to have a creative mind, do a lot of research, and study your subject really well before you can write a cheap essay online that will keep the reader’s attention. Most freelance writers enjoy the benefits of working remotely in the comforts of their home or to some other remote locations. Freelance writers mostly do essay writing, blog writing, ghostwriting, product review, and article writing.

However, freelance writing also has its difficulties such as facing difficult clients, tax concerns, revision request, and tight deadlines that may seem unrealistic; but, the biggest problem that a freelance writer might encounter is the issue of being responsible in the words written after being published.

Why a freelance writer could get in trouble?

Usually, when a client requests for a freelance writer’s service, the writer needs to use any resources or information available. The writer oftentimes does not have any direct ties to the end client, so the writer must trust and use the information given by the agency, an agency representative, or the direct client.

However, the problem usually happens when a freelance writer does not have accurate or enough information to use; so, the writer might try to fill it with incorrect or misleading information, which can lead the writer to a difficult and tough situation.

Why it’s a good idea to have liability insurance?

The freelance writer may be accused of libel or defamation if an error or mistake does happen. When this happens, the writer or the writer’s client might face expensive lawsuits, which unfortunately will lead back to the writer. This is where professional liability insurance will be useful as it will protect you from a simple error that can turn into a costly lawsuit. Liability insurance can be really helpful for freelance writers as it protects them from negligence and false claims made by the client. This type of insurance would cover claims such as misrepresentation, inaccurate advice, and violation of good faith and fair dealing.

Where to find affordable liability insurance?

This type of insurance is usually bundled in car insurance, homeowners/renters insurance, or life insurance.  You can call your insurance provider and ask if they offer professional liability insurance.


It’s always a good practice to ask for the client’s final approval to be included in a freelance writer’s contract so that they will be the one held responsible for any incorrect information displayed. However, keep in mind that there is still a chance for freelance writers who are working for small businesses to face a potential lawsuit after making a mistake, even though it is unlikely that it will happen while freelance writers who are working on a contract for big, multi-million dollar corporations have a higher chance of getting a legal action if incorrect information is published. Such an incident can occur so it would be a good idea to carry liability insurance if ever things become more complicated.

Pizza Delivery Business – Risks and Insurances Covered

Delivery Insurance

If you run a pizza delivery business, your main objective is to get the pizza delivered while it is still hot. Most of the young delivery drivers try to earn big tips by trying to deliver the pizza very fast, thus compromising their safety. If a driver is not safe, it may create a liability concerns to the business owner. Having the right pizza delivery insurance can protect the business owner financially. The insurance will cover you if one of your workers is injured or if a property is damaged while making a home meal delivery. One of our partners MyFoodSubscriptions shares a promo code with our visitors. Don't forget to check it out.

Insurance Programs Coverage

Most insurance programs are structured to cover several risks that might occur while in the business, for example, car insurance, business owner’s policy, and worker compensation.

Car Insurance

This is an owned and non-owned auto policy. It protects the business owner from driver liability risks. There are two types. The first type is the company owned or employee-owned car coverage. This covers the drivers using the business cars. The insurance companies are more favorable to this policy as they will be able to know the exact number of vehicles that the company owners have to estimate the cost. The second type is the non-owned or hired coverage. This provides coverage for drivers when they use their own vehicles to make a delivery. It is important to have this policy since most insurance will not cover your driver when an accident occurs while they are making this delivery.

Business Owner’s Policy

With this insurance, the business owner is able to have to run an independence restaurant with loss of income, or if the business temporarily stops due to a financial crisis.

The business insurance has several packages that you can change or upgrade depending on your needs. They have the standard, which includes property damage coverage, general liability, business interruption insurance, and the specialized options you may want. They include:

  • Employment practices liability
  • Water damage
  • Liquor liability
  • Computer equipment failure
  • Food-borne illness protections
  • Glass and signs
  • Equipment breakdown
  • Food spoilage
  • Employee theft

Workers Compensation

This varies according to the state. However, it provides payment of the workers' medical expenses. It covers the worker in the event of a work-related injury or illness. This policy, however, varies according to the number of employees in the company and the type of employment contract. Business owners should work with a local independent agent to ensure that they are in compliance. 


Pizza delivery business owners should customize their policy in order to match the number of drivers that they have, the risks that they face, and their assets. This will help them have a peace of mind as well. The insurance agent should show you several quotes to help you, so make the best decision when hunting for coverage. In addition, the business owner should also do his or her own research to have an idea of what they are looking for. Doing so will not only give them added knowledge for the business but also provide them security for their employees.

Insurance Risks in the Kitchen


The kitchen is the heart of the home. It is a great place to prepare food for a healthy home cooking, eat your meals and gather everyone together. However, it is also a place where accidents may arise. Because of this, it is important to consider an insurance. Here is a list of insurance risks in the kitchen.

Food Safety

Store all foods appropriately at the correct temperature. Clean the pantry and the refrigerator frequently. Check for spoiled, rotting or expired foods at the back of the refrigerator, even if it is just a small residue. When unsure about the quality of the food, it is better to throw it away than to risk a food contamination. In the event of a power outage, the refrigerator can ensure that the foods are fresh for 24-48 hours. Beyond this time, throw away the cooked foods.


When cooking, beware of open flames. Do not leave the kitchen for long periods during the cooking process. Do not hang dishcloths, oven mitts or towels on the handle of the oven as they can easily catch fire. Keep them in a kitchen cabinet drawer or hang them on a hook.

After cooking, clean the stovetop. Old food particles can spark up a fire the next time you cook something. Also, remember to turn off the stove after cooking. Even though this sounds obvious, a friendly reminder can save you from fire. Have a fire extinguisher in the kitchen just in case of emergency.

Kitchen Appliances

All kitchen appliances should be plugged directly to the wall outlet. This is because using an extension could make the extension overheat. Replace any damaged or frayed cords immediately.

When buying new appliances, keep the receipt. This comes in handy when the item is broken down or is stolen. A receipt helps you know the value of the appliance when making a claim for an insurance company. It also provides proof that you own the appliance. Even small appliances like blenders are worth keeping the receipt.

Natural Disasters

Natural calamities are unavoidable. It is impossible to predict the damage of a flood or an earthquake. However, there are small precautions that can be made to protect the kitchen from disasters.

Check with your insurance provider on the coverage that you receive in the event of a natural disaster. This will help you know whether the insurance policy is right for you and your kitchen. Keep a copy of your insurance in a safe place. Preferably, scan it and save it online to avoid scrambling and not finding it after the calamity has occurred.

Kitchen Renovations

It is important to notify your insurance company that you are doing renovations. The constructor should have insurance for their workers and for themselves. If a person is injured while working on your kitchen, you shall be held responsible.

There are many insurance risks in the kitchen. Stay alert while working. It is also important to know and understand your coverage by the insurance company.

The Basics of Bitcoins Insurance

The Basics of Bitcoins

Ever since it’s sudden price spike last late 2017, Bitcoin became the talk of the town appearing in various news articles and often being talked about by big names from various industries. In fact, a lot of people made money when Bitcoin reached its all-time high at almost $20,000 last December. This made a lot of new investors turn their eyes toward the next big movement of Bitcoin.

From Smartoptions's point of view, what exactly is Bitcoin anyway and why does it have so much value? We’ll explain step by step the basics of Bitcoin so you can understand everything about it and decide whether it’s a good investment for you.

What is a Bitcoin?

So what exactly is a Bitcoin and how does it work? To put it simply, Bitcoin is a digital currency that is built on encryption—hence the name cryptocurrency. Now, Bitcoin moves through a decentralized public ledger. Using the public ledger, you can transfer Bitcoins from one person to another via a private key that is connected to the public ledger. We’ll go deeper into how to transact Bitcoins later. For now, let’s learn how they work.

Bitcoin is makes use of various hash functions to encrypt data in creating tokens that can move anonymously in the ledger. This ledger is known as the Blockchain and it’s where the tokens get transferred.

Think about it as something similar to online banking. The only difference is that your money doesn’t go through a bank wherein all your data are given to the bank. You will transact anonymously through the ledger without any third party interference.

How Does One Transact Using Bitcoin?

You keep your Bitcoin in a Bitcoin wallet with a private key. The private key is your wallet code that you’ll use to receive and give money. The private key is connected to a public address which is then connected to the ledger. The ledger is where your transactions will go through to transfer the Bitcoins.

Now, one thing to take note of is that the token transactions don’t immediately go to the ledger if you make a transaction—they’re added there by the miners. Bitcoin miners are the people who operate the transactions by adding transaction blocks to the blockchain. They do this by solving cryptographic puzzles to maintain the network. In return, these miners get Bitcoins.

How Does One Value Bitcoin?

Now that you know more about Bitcoin, the question that’s on every investor’s mind would be how Bitcoin is valued and how it was able to reach a value of almost $20,000 per Bitcoin. Just like fiat currencies, Bitcoin’s value lies on supply and demand. If there is a strong demand for Bitcoin with an adequate supply, the value will go up and the price will go up. If the demand is weak and the supply is strong, the value will go down to match the supply.

Investors would usually put money in Bitcoin if they are confident in the currency. This means that if they believe in Bitcoin’s strength against the Dollar (or any other currency), they’ll put money in it. If they do, the value will go up. Investors or traders will usually trade Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies through exchanges like Bitmex trading exchange or Poloniex.


So knowing that, is crypto trading Bitcoin viable? If you see the value in Bitcoin, then it is definitely a viable investment. Bitcoin has been very helpful in allowing the transfer of big amounts of money without scrutiny from third parties. That in itself does prove it will have its own use in the future. If there is any hope for future growth, then it may be a pretty good investment to try out.

How the Waste Management Industry Contributes to the Economy

Waste Management Industry

The rapid development of the industrial sector in the past decade has contributed to the high economic growth of many countries. United States of America, United Kingdom, China, Japan, Singapore, and many others are now highly urbanized and industrialized countries that are on top of the world ranking in terms of economic growth.

But this rapid industrialization and economic growth brings a major impact on the environment with more waste and pollution being generated daily. Enter the Waste Management Industry which includes dumpster rental Duluth MN services which play a major role in the collection of waste in these countries. The industry is also involved in the recycling and the disposal needs of many commercial and industrial companies and the treatment of the waste that is being collected.

Waste Management Industry and the Economy 

The Waste Management Industry’s role is not only limited to the collection, recycling, and disposal of waste to a particular country. The industry has also shown to have a positive impact on the economy of a nation. The list below is just a proof on how the industry contributes to the economy of a country.

  • In the United Kingdom, the waste management industry contributed 6.8 billion euros to the British economy in 2013 as per the Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs. The said report also indicates that it created around 103,000 jobs alone in the country.
  • In the United States particularly in California, the recycling industries provide 8,500 jobs annually. It is also said to be contributing $10 billion worth of goods and services yearly.
  • Japan and China are countries that are relying on recycled materials as alternatives in coping up with their limited natural resources.
  • In South Africa, the waste stream management industry provides labor and capital and the increase in the supply of total commodities to the economy.
  • Even in Nigeria, recycling contributed to the economy in many ways in terms of job and revenue generation among the top contributors.

Challenges in Insuring the Waste Management Industry

Though the waste management industry generally contributes a lot to the economy, there are still challenges that are threatening the waste management sector. Government regulations and insuring the sector are just some of the challenges that the business owners are facing.

In recent years, the recycling and waste management industry is finding it extremely difficult finding an insurance broker to the business. It is important to find a policy provider that has a good understanding of the waste management industry. Waste management entities need a broker that can minimize the restrictions of the insurance coverage while keeping the premium as low as possible.

One cannot underestimate the importance of insuring the business as it indeed provides a lot of advantages. It protects the business from the liability of the cost of legal action and benefits claims from employees and individuals reporting work-related injuries, illness, and other forms of damages. It also protects the business from public liability and any untoward business interruptions.


There is no doubt that the waste management industry has a positive impact on the economy.  With the recent challenges that the industry is facing, solutions are needed immediately in order to make the sector’s undertakings extra efficient.

Main Reasons Infographics Are So Effective in Marketing an Insurance Business

Infographics Are So Effective

For some, the insurance industry is a tough nut to crack. Thus, insurance businesses have to go the extra mile in finding ways to make things even simpler to understand for their target audience. For some businesses, simply providing brochure design services is enough, however, the power of the infographic can extend the marketing reach much futher. One way to achieve just that is to maximize infographics.

Here are powerful reasons why infographics can be effective marketing tools for your insurance business:

Simplify A Concept

Merely using blocks of plain text to inform people about your products and services is not the most appealing option. However, combining text and graphics can be a great communication tool that delivers information in a simple, clean, concise, and engaging way. Infographics help you simplify a concept as it is innately neat and organized. When explaining the importance of insurance or even the actual policies you offer, infographics can be the way to go.

Tell A Story

As the famous adage goes, “a picture is worth a thousand words”. With infographics, you display both words and pictures which enables users to dissect even a complex subject and stay attentive for a longer time. As long as you do it right by collecting relevant data, writing compelling text, and presenting everything in a visually appealing way, infographics can be your new marketing favorite.

Attract better coverage and traffic

Infographics are more shareable. They can be tweeted, pinned on Pinterest, embedded in blogs, and shared on Facebook. Infographics have the power to reach all corners of the web. They have more chances of going viral as other bloggers also choose to link to pages with solid and reliable infographics. SEO experts recommend trying out infographics as they can potentially be organic ways to boost SEO rankings.

You might be thinking it’s not an SEO asset since you can’t place keywords on an image, but you can actually make use of the HTML format of the infographics and install the embed codes to track its performance. Plus, your logo is clearly displayed on your infographics, helping your brand and visual identity get better recognized.

Stay visible for a longer time

There are way more text-based contents than infographics. Not all people are willing to invest money, time, and effort in crafting an infographic. Although there are more and more infographics nowadays, it’s nowhere near the number of photos and texts on the web. Thus, infographics have better chances of staying afloat for a longer time in the SERPs. If you just do pure text-based content, you can easily get flushed down  by loads of fresh content daily.  

Make it beautiful

With its background colors that complement the illustrations well and with the entirety of its visual appeal, infographics are beautiful assets that are worth a shot. As long as you hire the right Singaporean graphic design expert, you are sure to come up with an infographic that is beautiful and worth people’s attention. You can make the graphics fun, exciting, and engaging or match it with the exact personality of your brand. Sky is the limit.

Will CBD Oil Treatment Be Covered By Your Health Insurance?


For many years, there have been many debates about the use of CBD oil. Some states in the US have approved the use of CBD oil while some have not. Up to now, the use of CBD oil as medical treatment is still quite controversial since it can be hard to control the recreational use of cannabis. It can be easily abused as well. However, Northern Ireland has issued an emergency license for the use of CBD for medical treatments for a boy named Billy Caldwell. There is no doubt that CBD oil or cannabidiol helps treat many conditions like anxiety and epilepsy. 

Insurance and Coverage

What your health insurance covers will solely depend on the plan you choose. Usually, the insurance providers in Northern Ireland would send you additional information about the plan. It includes the generic medications covered and the brand-name.


CBD or cannabidiol is a chemical compound that can be found in cannabis. Unlike its cousin THC or tetrahydrocannabinol, it does not make you high or buzzed. CBD contains very low levels of substances that cause psychotic effects. It is even safe enough to use on animals such as dogs. Cannabidiol does not have any psychoactive effects. It is one of the reasons why it is used for medical purposes.

One of the most common misconceptions of CBD is that it comes from marijuana. However, it is extracted from a different strain of cannabis called hemp.  There have been many studies that prove the benefits of CBD in medical treatments. In fact, there has been a movement to legalize CBD in Northern Ireland. There was even the case of a child named Billy Caldwell who was given an emergency license to have CBD oil treatment in order to control his seizures.

Health Insurance and CBD oil treatment

Some states in the US and some countries like Denmark and Netherlands have allowed the use of CBD oil for medical treatments. But, the fight for making CBD oil legal still continues. Whether countries like Ireland will allow the legal use of cannabidiol or not, including CBD coverage in your plans will definitely make health insurances more expensive.

As of now, the CBD oil medical treatment is not yet covered by any health insurance. This is due to the fact that it is still federally classified as a controlled substance in most governments. As such, patients will have to pay directly from their pocket if they want to be treated using CBD oil. Furthermore, health insurance providers only cover drugs that have undergone various studies. In spite of the different studies about CBD, it is still admittedly lacking. Nonetheless, CBD or cannabidiol definitely has a lot of health benefits. It can help treat anxiety disorders, epilepsy, depression, and many more. Additionally, it can also be used to help with substance abuse treatment.

There will surely be an increase in studies conducted on CBD in the future. You can definitely expect that CBD oil treatments will eventually be covered by health insurance in Northern Ireland and in other countries as well.

Increasing Trend in Home Insurance Costs

Home Insurance

Insurance is critical to any person who owns a home. Although owning a house without having it covered by insurance is possible, it is not at all ideal. This is because a home insurance safeguards not only your home in case of a fire, earthquake, flood, or large-scale disaster but also your peace of mind. With a homeowner's insurance, you can rest assured knowing that you will not be at a complete loss if anything were to happen to your home in case of an emergency or calamity.

However, more and more homeowners are beginning to find themselves with houses that do not have insurance. As insurance rates soar – now up to a staggering 21% - more and more people are finding it increasingly difficult to keep up with the monetary demands that a home insurance imposes on their paycheck.

This hurts not only the market and the economy at large but more so the homeowners. They that are only doing their very best to try and keep their homes, and even loved ones, safe and protected from disasters and calamity through obtaining insurance.

However, simply switching to a different provider can easily solve this dilemma. Through this method, the average homeowner can save up to twelve percent (12%) of their premium in an instant. The government has made sure to keep insurance premium tax (IPT) at a steady increase; recently, within the span of only three years, cheap home insurance has risen from six percent (6%) to twelve percent (12%).

Flood Re, a reinsurance scheme supported by the government is also one of the reasons why premium rates have gone up. This was designed to regulate insurers so that they can make insurance more affordable for people who own homes in areas that are marked by a high risk of flooding. The system does its best to make insurance affordable for as many homeowners as possible, especially for those that live in areas with a high risk of calamity or for those who typically would not be able to afford insurance. This means that, in order to support this government initiative, the cost of premiums is spread evenly across all homeowners all over the country.

This spreading of costs has caused a trend in the market where premiums have begun to steadily increase for all homeowners. Along with this, the amount to be paid for auto-renewing an insurance policy has also increased. Surely, everyone who owns a home and is paying insurance companies is closely watching these trends in the hope of availing of a home insurance.

However, the weather itself can also be held responsible for this rise in the market trends. Weather claims made by homeowners have risen by a staggering 290% compared to 2017. This has directly affected the cost of property claims, insurance cost, and even the rise of market trends concerned with insurance at large.

Insurers run companies and, as a result, they cannot keep shouldering these costs. Unfortunately, customers will undoubtedly feel the effects of increasing premiums and insurance costs as insurers begin the process of offsetting in an effort to sustain government initiatives made for the betterment of many.

What is Prize Insurance and Why Should You Invest in it

Prize Insurance

We, at Northern Ireland Insurance Center, cater to contingency insurance for any sporting event held in Northern Ireland. Whether it is an event for basketball, soccer, football, marathon or any other sports activity, we provide an insurance that would definitely give the participants a reassurance in case emergencies would occur.

Nowadays, sport events are held from left to right. The number of these events is ever increasing. With events becoming more and more dynamic, we can never do away with any minor and even major accidents; thus, we offer this policy to the participants and event organizers so that legal liability insurance will be covered. If you are interested to get one today, here are some details that you need to know:

Why should you get our Prize Indemnity Insurance?

There are definitely several reasons why you should get our Insurance policy before conducting an event. Without one, it is possible that you'll face any of these problems:

  • During the event, if any of the members participating and/or attending will get hurt or injured; you could be sued for the damages that come with it.
  • It is also likely that other individuals like staff members, volunteers, and helpers that get into an accident will charge you for compensation.
  • If it happens that your sports event is cancelled due to inevitable circumstances like severe weather, you are liable to whatever cost that comes with it. (e.g. venue charges, payment for the hired event organizers, participant compensation, and etc.)
  • Any material, equipment, and property being damaged will be charged to your name without an insurance policy backing you up.

What is the Advantage of getting our Policy?

At Northern Ireland Insurance Center, we offer a wide variety of services concerning insurance in a sporting event. In our policy, we cover up your legal liability against charges from damages and claimant's expenses and costs. With a policy like this, you wouldn't have to face uncontrollable accidents and charges alone.

What is our Insurance Coverage?

Here at Northern Ireland Insurance Center, we make sure that our coverage includes several claims like these:

  • If a member of the participating teams, spectators, and volunteers will be involved in injury or death.
  • If destruction will occur in rented venues and open premises like fields or roads, no matter how sever it is.
  • If damages unfolds due to general negligence.

If you are interested, you can contact us for more details.

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