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We provide links to some of the top insurance companies who quote online for Northern Ireland drivers of all ages. One way to try and reduce your renewal premium is to shop around and we help make that convenient and easy. So why not get a quote now.
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Student Car Insurance Northern Ireland, cheap online quotes. We feature companies who provide competitive insurance quotes tailored specifically for students, from student car insurance to overseas study insurance and medical insurance for overseas students studying in the UK.
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Look for cheap home insurance in Northern Ireland by comparing online. Buildings and or contents cover as well as tenant contents insurance for those who rent. Why not compare home quotes now and see how much you could save!
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Competitive travel insurance quotes for single trip, multi trip and annual policies covering one country, multi country or the entire world. Skiing and diving holidays can also be quoted for as well as Adventure Holidays and Extreme Sports policies.
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Life Insurance Northern Ireland, cheap online quotes. We provide access to some of the top insurers and comparison sites who provide competitive quotes online for both individuals and families. All occupations considered. Critical illness cover, income protection and mortgage protection are also available.
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Compare Northern Ireland van insurance quotes from over 10 companies in less than 4 minutes! Only one short application form to fill in. Comparing van insurance policies has never been easier!
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Motorcycle Insurance Northern Ireland, we also provide access to online motorbike insurance comparison sites. Compare and save! We also provide access to online bicycle insurance comparison sites.
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Recreational insurance quotes. Static and touring caravan insurance - Motorhome insurance - Boat insurance for cruisers, yachts, dinghies, jet ski, rib, narrowboats etc.
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Northern Ireland Insurance Centre has a range of insurance agents, brokers and companies who provide competitive insurance quotes for all types of public property, business premises, from small shops to a large shop, retail outlets, churches, schools, offices, let buildings, factories, work places, hotel insurance, restaurant insurance, employers liability insurance and public liability insurance.
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Competitive insurance quotes for private health insurance policies for individuals and families. Get fast online quotes from well known names like HSA and Virgin Money.
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Get competitive pet insurance quotes and beat the expensive vet bills. Find cheap quotes for cats, dogs and rabbits.
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Online quotes and instant cover for golf insurance, photographic equipment insurance, musical instrument insurance, wedding insurance in Northern Ireland.
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We have chosen to refer you to a website owned and operated by British Insurance Limited who are specialists in accident, sickness and unemployment insurance.

Northern Ireland Insurance Center Blog

Will CBD Oil Treatment Be Covered By Your Health Insurance?


For many years, there have been many debates about the use of CBD oil. Some states in the US have approved the use of CBD oil while some have not. Up to now, the use of CBD oil as medical treatment is still quite controversial since it can be hard to control the recreational use of cannabis. It can be easily abused as well. However, Northern Ireland has issued an emergency license for the use of CBD for medical treatments for a boy named Billy Caldwell. There is no doubt that CBD oil or cannabidiol helps treat many conditions like anxiety and epilepsy. 

Insurance and Coverage

What your health insurance covers will solely depend on the plan you choose. Usually, the insurance providers in Northern Ireland would send you additional information about the plan. It includes the generic medications covered and the brand-name.


CBD or cannabidiol is a chemical compound that can be found in cannabis. Unlike its cousin THC or tetrahydrocannabinol, it does not make you high or buzzed. CBD contains very low levels of substances that cause psychotic effects. It is even safe enough to use on animals such as dogs. Cannabidiol does not have any psychoactive effects. It is one of the reasons why it is used for medical purposes.

One of the most common misconceptions of CBD is that it comes from marijuana. However, it is extracted from a different strain of cannabis called hemp.  There have been many studies that prove the benefits of CBD in medical treatments. In fact, there has been a movement to legalize CBD in Northern Ireland. There was even the case of a child named Billy Caldwell who was given an emergency license to have CBD oil treatment in order to control his seizures.

Health Insurance and CBD oil treatment

Some states in the US and some countries like Denmark and Netherlands have allowed the use of CBD oil for medical treatments. But, the fight for making CBD oil legal still continues. Whether countries like Ireland will allow the legal use of cannabidiol or not, including CBD coverage in your plans will definitely make health insurances more expensive.

As of now, the CBD oil medical treatment is not yet covered by any health insurance. This is due to the fact that it is still federally classified as a controlled substance in most governments. As such, patients will have to pay directly from their pocket if they want to be treated using CBD oil. Furthermore, health insurance providers only cover drugs that have undergone various studies. In spite of the different studies about CBD, it is still admittedly lacking. Nonetheless, CBD or cannabidiol definitely has a lot of health benefits. It can help treat anxiety disorders, epilepsy, depression, and many more. Additionally, it can also be used to help with substance abuse treatment.

There will surely be an increase in studies conducted on CBD in the future. You can definitely expect that CBD oil treatments will eventually be covered by health insurance in Northern Ireland and in other countries as well.

Increasing Trend in Home Insurance Costs

Home Insurance

Insurance is critical to any person who owns a home. Although owning a house without having it covered by insurance is possible, it is not at all ideal. This is because a home insurance safeguards not only your home in case of a fire, earthquake, flood, or large-scale disaster but also your peace of mind. With a homeowner's insurance, you can rest assured knowing that you will not be at a complete loss if anything were to happen to your home in case of an emergency or calamity.

However, more and more homeowners are beginning to find themselves with houses that do not have insurance. As insurance rates soar – now up to a staggering 21% - more and more people are finding it increasingly difficult to keep up with the monetary demands that a home insurance imposes on their paycheck.

This hurts not only the market and the economy at large but more so the homeowners. They that are only doing their very best to try and keep their homes, and even loved ones, safe and protected from disasters and calamity through obtaining insurance.

However, simply switching to a different provider can easily solve this dilemma. Through this method, the average homeowner can save up to twelve percent (12%) of their premium in an instant. The government has made sure to keep insurance premium tax (IPT) at a steady increase; recently, within the span of only three years, cheap home insurance has risen from six percent (6%) to twelve percent (12%).

Flood Re, a reinsurance scheme supported by the government is also one of the reasons why premium rates have gone up. This was designed to regulate insurers so that they can make insurance more affordable for people who own homes in areas that are marked by a high risk of flooding. The system does its best to make insurance affordable for as many homeowners as possible, especially for those that live in areas with a high risk of calamity or for those who typically would not be able to afford insurance. This means that, in order to support this government initiative, the cost of premiums is spread evenly across all homeowners all over the country.

This spreading of costs has caused a trend in the market where premiums have begun to steadily increase for all homeowners. Along with this, the amount to be paid for auto-renewing an insurance policy has also increased. Surely, everyone who owns a home and is paying insurance companies is closely watching these trends in the hope of availing of a home insurance.

However, the weather itself can also be held responsible for this rise in the market trends. Weather claims made by homeowners have risen by a staggering 290% compared to 2017. This has directly affected the cost of property claims, insurance cost, and even the rise of market trends concerned with insurance at large.

Insurers run companies and, as a result, they cannot keep shouldering these costs. Unfortunately, customers will undoubtedly feel the effects of increasing premiums and insurance costs as insurers begin the process of offsetting in an effort to sustain government initiatives made for the betterment of many.

What is Prize Insurance and Why Should You Invest in it

Prize Insurance

We, at Northern Ireland Insurance Center, cater to contingency insurance for any sporting event held in Northern Ireland. Whether it is an event for basketball, soccer, football, marathon or any other sports activity, we provide an insurance that would definitely give the participants a reassurance in case emergencies would occur.

Nowadays, sport events are held from left to right. The number of these events is ever increasing. With events becoming more and more dynamic, we can never do away with any minor and even major accidents; thus, we offer this policy to the participants and event organizers so that legal liability insurance will be covered. If you are interested to get one today, here are some details that you need to know:

Why should you get our Prize Indemnity Insurance?

There are definitely several reasons why you should get our Insurance policy before conducting an event. Without one, it is possible that you'll face any of these problems:

  • During the event, if any of the members participating and/or attending will get hurt or injured; you could be sued for the damages that come with it.
  • It is also likely that other individuals like staff members, volunteers, and helpers that get into an accident will charge you for compensation.
  • If it happens that your sports event is cancelled due to inevitable circumstances like severe weather, you are liable to whatever cost that comes with it. (e.g. venue charges, payment for the hired event organizers, participant compensation, and etc.)
  • Any material, equipment, and property being damaged will be charged to your name without an insurance policy backing you up.

What is the Advantage of getting our Policy?

At Northern Ireland Insurance Center, we offer a wide variety of services concerning insurance in a sporting event. In our policy, we cover up your legal liability against charges from damages and claimant's expenses and costs. With a policy like this, you wouldn't have to face uncontrollable accidents and charges alone.

What is our Insurance Coverage?

Here at Northern Ireland Insurance Center, we make sure that our coverage includes several claims like these:

  • If a member of the participating teams, spectators, and volunteers will be involved in injury or death.
  • If destruction will occur in rented venues and open premises like fields or roads, no matter how sever it is.
  • If damages unfolds due to general negligence.

If you are interested, you can contact us for more details.

This website is free to use and all quotations are without any obligation.

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